Sunday, January 31, 2010

This was a mask made for a horror-themed fashion show, Visage Macabre. A little retrospective of the process start to finish. Someday I'll get good images of it being worn.

Bird Mask. 2009. Latex, Epoxy, Oils, Feathers. 20"x 18" x 15".

Mask sans beak and eyes- early stage of the paint job.

The nearly complete clay sculpt with expoy beak and eyes.

Clay maquette, maybe four inches long.

Concept drawing- Bird Mask. 2009. Pencil. 10"x 8".
Kind of wish I had kept the narrower beak, makes her look more spiteful I think.

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  1. There's a great deal of detail in your work, Owen. I specifically enjoy the "sliminess" of Monstrosity and this bird mask.

    I wonder, does your created realism come from closely studying a model animal, or from trial and error with the medium?